3 silicone kegel balls kits vagina exercise ben wa balls for women

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  •  Simply the S-Hande Lamboll kegel weights system will help women improve life quality.
  • Who need this system--a. Have Incontinence from aging, recent childbirth, or multiple childbirthsover the years      b. Have Pelvic organ Prolapse      c. Want to feel better in the bedroom
  • With S-Hande Cherry Kegel weights system, you will get stronger, get tighter, prevent Prolapse and stop Leaks!
  • Why 3 weights?--Because every woman is different and starts at a different strength level. With this proven system, no matter which weight you startwith there will always be room for improvement.
  • Start with the biggest ball (lightest one), Turn to the 2nd weights if you achieve the 1st step.

           Then the 3rd step is the smallest but heaviest one, it is the last step, the first 2 phase would  make it tighter, so the last phase we need to

             make it smaller size, but weights more to strengthen the exercise.

  • Training 15 minutes a day, after 1~2 months, you will have stronger and tighter pelvic muscles for improved bladder contro, labor recovery and confidence

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