9 speeds 360 degree rotating sucking sextoys for woman

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$78.00$65.98 piece
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1. Dual motors: 1 for body with intensive vibrating,  1 for rabbit with 360 degree raoting

2. 9 speeds for body, 6 modes for rabbit

3. 100% waterproof, easy to store and clean. 

4. FDA approved rubber silicone, no harm to body, rest assure to use. 

5. Licking clit, vibrating vagina all at once. 

6. Female/Male/Couple use available 

Reviews (5)

Recent Reviews ( 5 )
It is more sticky than other toys I have because it's softer which is normal. To get around that issue I just put a cheap unlubricated condom on it each time (they're like $15 for 100) and make sure to use plenty of lube. The suction cup actually works better than my more expensive toy. Because the material has more grip than harder toys, the suction cup wont slide around on the the surface its stuck to as much. For the price, I can't recommend this enough as a starter toy for beginners or experienced people.
This is a replacement for another almost identical dildo that I have which is almost double the price, but this toy is definitely going to be replacing it. The best thing about this toy is that it is on the soft side. I had to be much more careful and slow with my firmer toy because it wont really change shape when inside you. This toy, though, is soft enough to where I never feel any pain or discomfort when using it which would make it great for beginners. You won't be able to target your prostate as much but to me the experience is better overall because its definitely big enough and ribbed enough to be stimulating and feel amazing but still soft enough not to easily cause discomfort.
This is one of my favorite and bravest purchases I’ve made in my whole life hahaha Well, I was very shy and ashamed with myself every time that I thought about buying a sexual toy. Finally I encouraged myself to buy it, and now I’m very very happy for my new item. I’ve been trying it, it’s an excellent experience. I really like it because the vibration strength is powerful, it has many vibration modes, and it’s very easy to clean. But the most important characteristic is that works without batteries, I mean it’s rechargeable.
Honey,still trying to catch a breath. Toes are still curled. This thing here is a masterpiece!! It’s small with big guy energy. A true immune booster. The battery last a long time, super fast charging, quiet, the price is right,
I purchased this vibrator on a “impulse buy” and man am I happy that I did. I am a gay man and usually don’t purchase these types of tools but when I read the reviews and saw the functionality and the magnetic charging option I decided to give it a go. The price is fantastic, I could see myself paying $60-$80 for this in a adult toy store.This thing has so many different vibrational options and I was shocked to see that the whole vibrator vibrated and not just the tip or the base.If you’re looking for a toy that can be concealed easily this is your guy.